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F/A-18E Super Hornet Carrier Landing 2021 - DCS World 4K 60FPS

Here's footage of me landing a heavily modified F/A-18E Super Hornet on the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier in DCS World 4K 60FPS. This was my first time using the dcs supercarrier and landing on one in some time, I wasn't able to make it perfect but it was better than my last attempt, I hope you can enjoy the footage!

#F18 #AircraftCarrier #DcsWorld #SuperHornet #F18E

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - Realistic 777-200 Full Flight to Hong Kong in 4K

Today we will be flying the United Airlines 777-200 from Narita Japan to the world famous "Kai Tak" Hong Kong International Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. In this video we will be using the world famous runway 13 that requires a low and tight last minute turn around the massive skyscrapers of Hong Kong during the final approach. The flight from beginning to finish features a lot of pleasing sights so be sure to watch in 4K!

This video took over a month of constant work to get out. There is still no proper replay tool in msfs so it just becomes increasingly difficult to make videos in msfs 2020 as time goes on. As updates come out they bring more bugs that ruin the ability to record like the crazy camera movement or buggy displays to name a few out of hundreds I have to combat while recording myself flying a plane. I made a community text post on my channel talking about quitting YouTube recently. If things continue as they are in msfs2020 I'll eventually stop making videos as soon as its completely impossible for me to make anything. That could be in a few months, next week, next year. I honestly don't know. But for the time being I still have a few projects I'm working on. I don't make videos for money I do it because I LOVE working with footage in general. Making footage is like creating drawings with reality. This requires a massive amount of uninterrupted time and money to do, which I just don't have. It took over 400GB of footage to make this video! So for the time being, I'll work on additional legs to this flight and other projects I've been cooking up for some time.

Music: Med Kit - 4lienetic

flight simulators are more of a platform for you to build on yourself

Captain Sim 777 For MSFS -
Flight Recorder:
Realistic Cockpit Functionality(SALTY747):
777 Realism Mod:
Narita Airport Scenery:
Kai Tak Scenery:

777 modified sounds:

for the msfs 777 sounds you need to manually replace the sound files. after replacing the sound files you need to use this program - - to rebuild your layout json file of the plane. I remade a lot of the sounds and use a mix of heavily modified sounds from real videos so it won't be possible to get audio like in my videos for the time being.

I dont know if there's a way to get the mods on Xbox. I personally don't think there'll be a way to modify the Xbox Microsoft flight simulator version. People would most likely end up breaking the simulator and creating their own instability issues. But who knows, I never would have thought a few years ago there'd be a flight simulator X reboot or that it'd also be on the xbox consoles.

00:00 Boeing 777 Walkaround
01:10 Preflight/Startup
05:53 Taxi
06:54 Boeing 777 Takeoff
13:43 Cruise
14:17 Decent in Hong Kong
18:08 Boeing 777 Landing
24:10 Shutdown

#MicrosoftFlightSimulator #flight #microsoft #xbox

Forza Car Audio Upgrade in 4K HDR

More color grading and audio practice in forza with the Huracan Performante, I hope you can enjoy.




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